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What I'm Reading

2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
Heather has read 3 books toward her goal of 15 books.
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52 in 2012

Here are 52 things I want to accomplish in 2012. I'll mark them off as I complete them.
  1. Grow blog followers to 50
  2. Delivery a healthy baby boy
  3. Organize and clean closets in master bedroom
  4. Learn manual mode on my DSLR
  5. Become more comfortable with editing in Photoshop
  6. Create twitter for blog
  7. Grow my own herb garden
  8. Plant and grow grass in the front yard
  9. Mount computer screen on wall above desk
  10. Find/make decorations for above computer screen
  11. Become a digital scrapbooker
  12. Buy birthday cards and mail them BEFORE everyone's birthday
  13. Take Ben's picture in the same place/pose every month
  14. Get back on a running schedule (3xweek)
  15. 500 FB fans on business site by end of year
  16. Hit Pre-Pregnancy weight
  17. Posting 3 x a week on business site
  18. Monthly Promotions for business
  19. Create new/updated logo for business
  20. MEXICO
  21. Create Ben's birth announcements
  22. Have red highlights put in my hair
  23. Make healthy lunches (minimize eating out)
  24. Really learn couponing
  25. Read 15 books this year (read-3)
  26. 2 date nights a month (big dates)
  27. Plan & take a fall trip
  28. Labor Day @ Bever's Bend
  29. Keep Ben's pictures organized by month on DVD
  30. Create and print photobooks by month or quarter for Ben
  31. Annual Summer Deck Party
  32. Annual Christmas Party for ladies ONLY
  33. Find a good anti-aging/acne skincare routine
  34. Use Instagram more
  35. Begin using envelope cash system
  36. Refinish deck
  37. Get new patio furniture
  38. Refinish spare bedroom furtniture
  39. Make hooks for spare bathroom towels
  40. Organize under spare bathroom sink
  41. Buy MK gold chronograph watch
  42. Photograph where we were engaged and make large prints to put in house
  43. Find less harmful cleaning methods for when Ben arrives
  44. Begin Christmas shoppping BEFORE November
  45. Replace outlets in house to update
  46. Refinish Desk (paint and add knobs)
  47. Save 10% more than what we saved last year
  48. Grow my hair out!!!
  49. Teach Ben sign language
  50. Increase donations and tithing by 5 %
  51. Attend 3 ladies Bible studies series this year
  52. BUNKO group!-get one up and going
It is done and now time to get moving.

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