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2012 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm not missing!

I know it has been FOREVER since I posted. Just a quick update...

The motherboard on our computer crashed. My lifeline to the Internet and blogging has been taken away and sent to be revived and will hopefully return shortly. In the meantime my AMAZING husband has taken an old desktop to a computer repair man to be spruced up so I can be reconnected to y'all while my laptop is gone (approximately 2-3 weeks). I should be up and running in a day or two. I'm not a phone blogger. Too time consuming and while I'm pecking away at the keyboard I often forget what I want to say.

Until then...

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Sorry this is late. I'm still without a computer and attempting this on my phone.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight

My two sponsors this weeks are great blogs you should definitely check out!!

First up is Lindsay @ Every Day Life
Hey guys I'm Lindsay from Every Day Life! I'm a college student studying Mass Communications with a heart for the Lord. I'm into everything I can possibly be in and I stay active and busy all the time. I had a beautiful family and fabulous friends. God has placed so many blessings in my life and I thank Him daily for all this He is doing for me and will continue to do. I love life and remember that each day that I have I can never get back so I better take all the chances and opportunities that I have.

Every Day Life is a place for me to share my thoughts, ideas, and sometimes craziness! I post about DIY craft projects, makeup, fashion, clothes, hair, and everything that could possibly be in between. I like to keep it fresh and new and down to earth. I love sharing my ideas with others and hearing about theirs as well. Every Day Life would love to have you come over and take a peek, even become a follower if you're up to it :) I promise you won't be disapointed!

Next up is Elizabeth @ Fearless & Frugal

{About Me} Hey everyone! My name is Elizabeth and I’m a 20-somethingsenior college student. I’m new to blogging, so I’m still getting the hang ofthis…but I love writing, trying new things and saving money (who doesn’t,right?) I’m obsessed with organizing, drinking coffee and listening to countrymusic. I have a newfound love for the outdoors, old movies, crafting andcooking. I’m a yoga enthusiast and have just recently started Pilates (which Ilove!).

{About My Blog} After the summer of 2011 I found myself with anoverwhelming number of credits to take my final year of college so I had toquit my job of 2+ years. Although I had spent my entire summer working and takingclasses, I still found time to shop, vacation and spend way too much money. Atthe end of the summer I was hit with a wake up call -- despite all the hours Ihad put in at work, my bank account was devastatingly low. I realized Icouldn't spend like I had been any longer.

Now I’m finding it moreimportant than ever to save money. I thought that by starting my blog, I couldshare my tips and tricks I've developed and learned along the way to helpothers who were living on a budget, or just trying to save a buck or two hereand there! I am by no means an expert (I'm studying history and then going onto grad school to be a teacher), but I have developed and adapted a lot oftricks that work for me. I also want to offer a few health, beauty, fitness andother tips as well! Come visit me at Fearless & Frugal and bear with mewhile I get started! :)


Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Pictures

The original plan for this weekend was to head to Oklahoma to see my family. Well, Ben was sick and we spent all of Friday bouncing from doctor to doctor to imaging center to hospital. They finally figured out that the muscle that connects his esophagus to his stomach is under developed and allowing stomach acid up into his esophagus which made him overeat and then the muscle wasn't strong enough to keep the food down. Now we are on medicine to control the acid and he is back to eating normal and has stopped projectiling his food all over Momma. Thank heavens!

So instead of going home we had a peaceful Friday night giving Ben his first bath in his bathtub.
Ben isn't a fan of not having clothes on. Something Greg says will change soon, so enjoy it while it lasts. The bath went well. Ben even peed during the bath. Some of the pee even made it out of the bathtub. We laughed so hard!

Saturday morning we woke up and decided to head to the lake house for the night. So we packed our bags and headed east.
I made Greg wear green to celebrate.

Ben also had green to wear. (Love this face!)

The lake house is where Greg proposed to me. So while there I wanted to photograph the spot he asked me to be his wife.
It was on that swing that Greg and I sat and had our morning coffee while he told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and he hoped I wanted the same.

Here are a few more pictures that took...

Enjoy your Monday!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight

Welcome High Heels and Hot Deals as sponsor his month. What a great blog! Lots of deals and money saving tips. Check them out.

Hello blogger friends!  We're Kait and Michele, but before we begin we'd like to give Heather a super special THANK YOU for having us on her blog!
We're the creative master-savers behind the blog High Heels and Hot Deals. 
Actually, we're just two moms who are sharing with you our tips to save and information on the products your crave.  Basically, we want to show you that you can save $$ on the things you buy everyday by using us as your guide - and it doesn't have to take you 124,309 hours a week nor do you have to be an extremist about it!
Plus, we want to share with you our views on super amazeball products that we think you may like (because we do!)
But who are we you ask? on friends! 
I'm Kait - also known as mama, babe and Mrs. B.  You know, your average full-time mommy, wife, teacher and shopaholic.  I've been addicted to a good deal since my first hot purchase at Abercrombie and Fitch when I was 13.  Nowadays I'm always hunting for sales on studly baby clothes, free toothpaste, paper towels and occasionally the cute frock for myself.  In my spare time I'm mildly obsessed with running, reality T.V. and Kate Middleton.

Hi there, I'm Michele- I am a fairly new stay-at-home mommy trying to keep sane. I have a 14-month old and two teenage stepsons who LOVE to eat and spend money! I could spend hours browsing the racks at TJ Maxx and Home Goods.  I never buy anything that isn't on sale and I get super bummed when I don't walk out of a grocery store with at least a 50% savings on my receipt. In addition to being a mommy, I spend my days as a photographer and tend to get a little crafty with my sewing machine and glue gun. :) 
So check us out, follow us and be our friend!  We'd love to share with you our saving goodness! :)
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And, don't forget our blog!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight

Hello readers! I’m Leigh Anne and I am fairly new to the world of blogging! I like to consider myself a jack-of-all-trades. The past 16 years of my life were spent as a serious dancer practicing nearly 24 hours a week; but when I got married and moved to Alaska this summer my journey and direction in life took a change. While being a full time PR and Communications student is great I needed another outlet for my creativity, so I began exploring the idea of blogging and here I am now.  Hart to Heart blog follows my journey of crafting, cooking and creating while balancing life of being the wife of a deployed soldier, full time student, and aspiring personal trainer. Phew! Yep, it’s a bit crazy and chaotic but I’d love to share my whirlwind of a life with you! Oh and did I mention I have an Etsy shop? Come check it out : Hart to Heart Designs; handmade hair accessories and photo props. Looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you!
Leigh Anne 


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Product of the Week

I had planned on reviewing my special Vichy Birchbox, but I'm a little upset with Birchbox right now since I have yet to receive my March Birchbox and my tracking number shows my box traveling all over the US. By the time it gets to me April will be here and my box will have hit all 48 contingent states. So, I'm holding off. Plus this product has a coupon code that will run out soon.

When you get pregnant the hunt for the best products is on. Everyone has a favorite and you can spend a lot of money on needless items.

Well, while pregnant I found a coupon code for a carseat cover. I know these are important, especially on windy days. So I go check out this carseat cover that I can get for free. FREE! I was a little skeptical, but when I arrived at THIS PAGE I was pleasantly surprised at how awesomely cute and practical these gems are. The coupon code even worked to take $50 off their Whole Caboodle set. So I ordered it.

This is the Carseat Canopy. It straps to the handle of the carseat so there is no slippage happening and a blanket falling off.


When I saw this, I had to pay the extra and get the whole caboodle.
The whole caboodle comes with a cover for the actual carseat, an umbrella replacement, headrest, and a matching blanket, along with the canopy above. At the time they had a special going on where the whole caboodle was $79.95 and they honored the coupon code for $50. So I paid $29.95 for the $135 whole caboodle. I wasn't sure the quality, but I knew I was willing to waste the $30 to find out.

It came in the mail the day of my last baby shower, and I immediately stopped getting ready to put it on the carseat. WOW! I was amazed at how completely awesome this is. The soft minky is perfect for Ben's delicate baby skin and I always use the blanket since it is still kind of cool. It was easy to assemble (comes with instructions) and was put on the carseat in a matter of 10 mins. (You do have to undo the straps on the back of the carset to thread them through the cover and you will have to take off your umbrella to put the new one on. However, the umbrella snaps off and I saved it for when/if we ever decide not to use the cover anymore.)

I love the canopy that covers Ben in the carseat. It is thick so the wind doesn't go through it.

The bad thing? People do ask me this question when I have the canopy down (which is often when we are in a store to discourage dirty hands from finding their way to my baby)

"Is there a baby in there?"

Ummmmm.... No, I'm just a weird, freaky person that carries around a carseat without having a baby.


Ok, here is the best part. They have brought back the coupon code and sale!!

Right now the whole caboodles are $79.95 and there is a $50 coupon code.

Use FAMILY2012

I'm not sure when the code runs out. Sorry about that. It is usually good for about 2 weeks or so.

This is great if you are expecting or would be one awesome gift!!! You would the hit of any shower and new mommy!

Have a great Thursday! (Friday is so close!!)

Oh, so sorry! Linking with Tiffanie @ Pineapples & Pickles


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My favorites from the week

Here is what I'm loving this week from Pinterest.

1. This is me on occasions.

2. Or zumba...

3. I've had to stop myself a few times!

4. Hehehehe

5. We all did it if you are old enough!



8. This is really awesome! 

9. Being 4ft 10in I LOVE these shoes!

10. 5 moves to tone your post-prego belly. When the Dr lets you do them.

and #10 will get me into this...

11. Totally swooning over this little gem!

Find all my these pins HERE

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