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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Welcome Ben

Benjamin Daniel arrived Thursday, February 23, 2012 at 8:02 am. He weighed 5lbs 12ozs and was 18.5in long.

He looks exactly like his daddy. Handsome!

He spent just 4 hours in the NICU, but after doing so well was transitioned to the regular nursery. Being 5 weeks early I was terrified I would leave the hospital before he could, but he has always been a fighter and we all came home on Sunday.

Here are some things I have learned since becoming a mom.
  1. It is possible to shower in under 10 minutes. (Who knew??)
  2. It is possible to enjoy doing laundry. (His clothes are so cute!)
  3. I can survive major surgery. (I'm so glad it's over though!)
  4. I can't remember what it was like before February 23. (I'm so glad he is here!)
  5. I couldn't have picked a better man to be my Baby Daddy!! (He isn't just an amazing husband!)
  6. Contrary to popular advice I still get to eat with my husband, sleep for more than an hour at time, and I still get up every morning and put on make up and get dressed.
  7. Yes, we will still be going to Mexico in June. (I know myself better than those who said I would cancel the trip. Greg and I are blessed to have great family to take care of Ben.)
  8. There is someone else in the world now that can sleep through anything. (Thank God Ben is a heavy sleeper!)
  9. I still have OCD. (I just made a diaper and feeding chart to fill out and wait until you see my product of the week tomorrow.)

Now for some pictures.

He will eventually grow into his clothes.

Great Daddy!

He holds his paci when he sucks it. I love it!

Such a peaceful sleeper.

Look at those lips!

Coming home.

 This picture makes me tear up every time I look at!

Be Blessed!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ben & A Winner

WOW! What a whirlwind the last few days have been!

We are finally home and doing GREAT! Ben was able to come home with us and I am so glad. I couldn't imagine having to leave him at the hospital. He is the best gift I have ever been given.

I am working on all the pictures we took and will do a Welcome Ben post tomorrow with all the details. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter or Instagram to see pictures.

Now for a winner... (Remember you had to follow my blog through GFC to win)

Congrats to Tabitha  @ My Cliffnotes (Also one of my fav blogs. She just got engaged. Check her out!)

Watch for an email Tab so I can send your bag of my favorites.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

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I have problems with my makeup looking fresh all day. I attribute this to my skin being oily.

I finally began using this on a regular basis and love it.
You apply all your makeup like normal and then when you are completely finished you hold the bottle 8-10 inches away and spritz your face about 4 times. I usually try to spray the 4 quadrants of my face. I was worried this would smear my makeup or make it splotchy from the drops, but the mist is so fine you can't even tell and my makeup looks PERFECT all day and night. When it says 16 hours you get 16 hours of perfect makeup.
Urban Decay also has an oil control version and a dewy version that I haven't tried, but I am sure work just as great.

Have a Terrific Thursday!!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Time

February 23, 2012
That is going to be Ben's birthday.
That is right. I went in today for a check up and my cervix has thinned below 2.8 cm and I am beginning to dilate. Since we are leaving the cerclage in hopes of another pregnancy in the future, my contractions are consistent, and the meds from Monday are not helping it is time for Ben to arrive. Even removing the cerclage and allowing labor to happen naturally would only buy us until Friday, if we are lucky.

So, with all that said...
1. I may be MIA for a day or so, but not to worry I will post as soon as I can. Twitter will probably be the first place you can see pictures of Ben.
2. My 50 Followers Giveaway still ends tomorrow and I will post Friday who won. I am not sure what time I will post, but be watching.
3. I promise to get to any emails ASAP.
4. March Sponsor Spotlights will begin March 4th.

YAY! Greg and I are so excited and nervous. We never thought we would make it to 35 weeks and are so blessed to have a new addition to our family tomorrow. We greatly appreciate all prayers for Ben! We know God has big plans for this little guy!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Almost Here

Well yesterday afternoon I began having very regular contractions and we went to Labor and Delivery. My contractions were 2 minutes apart and becoming strong. Since we are only at 35 weeks Greg and I decided to try and stop them. After 2 shots my heart rate went too high to continue but with time the contractions slowed. Further tests showed I was severely dehydrated. After a few bags of iv fluids my tests were better and the contractions were weaker and further apart. We opted to go home and just wait. I will now go every other day to test my ketone levels and liver/kidney enzymes. They will most likely have to deliver earlier than our anticipated March date since my body can't keep up with both of us.

So today has been spent in bed trying to recover from last night. I had actually planned on posting over Ben's room, but that will wait til I feel better.

Hope each of you had a great day.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Closet Makeover

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My parents came down this weekend and one BIG task we wanted to accomplish while they were here was my closet make over. Greg and I moved into our house in May of 2011. I was living in an apartment and Greg had moved in when we married. Living in a 750 sq ft apartment as a marriend couple with 2 dogs is not advised! I still don't know how we made it 2 months.

Needless to say, we moved fast. The house was ready before we anticipated and my apartment sublet quickly. We literally had 2 weeks to do what we wanted to the house and move. It was a whirlwind. Now we are slowly organizing and rearranging, along with all the other home improvements projects we want to complete.

Our house was built in 1982, but was pretty much redone on the inside. Greg I have done just small minor changes so far. The house has a ton of character and there are few outdated features about it. One of them is the master closets. You will see what I mean in a minute. Our house is full of closets and they are no where close to being full. Our master has two large closets and our master bath has 2 walk in closets. When we moved my clothes were pretty much just thrown in the closets and it has been on the bottom of my "To Do" list even though it drives me crazy not having my clothes organized. I used to hate trying to find something to wear because clothes were everywhere between the two closets and my dresser.

So here we go! NO JUDGING!!
Here is the before picture. (I had just woken up from a nap and we got started before I snapped all my before pictures.)
 Here is the closet in the bedroom. It has two sliding mirrored doors. (plans to replace these do exist)That is hubby in the bottom of the closet installing my shoe racks.
 All my shoes were just thrown in the bottom of my closet. See them in this pile here? That is what it looked like inside.

This is my closet in the master bath. I never really utilized this closet, it was just overflow and all my purses, which I rarely used due to the lack of organization.

Then came the time to got through all my clothes. I have 3 shelves on the inside of the closet in the bedroom that were packed full of clothes not hung up or organized, as well as 6 drawers. Here is what it looked like while we were going through everything.
I realized I have a lot of clothes, shoes, and purses. I also realized I have a lot of clothes that still have tags on them! I was good and gave away 4 bags of clothes, 1 bag of shoes, and 1 bag of purses. Thanks to Momma for letting me sit back and just say "keep" or "get rid of"!!

Then came time to put everything back in the closets. I like my clothes ordered light to dark, sleeveless to long sleeve. I put all my tops in the bedroom closet.
Greg installed racks at the bottom for my shoes.
Wedges on top, flats in the middle, and heels on he floor.
Boots on the side.

In the bathroom closet went jackets and dresses on top and skirts, dress pants, and jeans on the bottom. Greg installed hooks for my purses and accessories.
I can actually walk in to the closet and find exactly what I am looking for.

In my drawers went tshirts, tanks, shorts, swimsuits. On the shelves in the bedroom closet went all my lounge wear and sweatshirts.

I feel like I went shopping and have all these new clothes!! Now to be able to button my pants again!

Have a Marvelous Monday!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight

My two sponsors this weeks are great blogs you should definitely check out!!

First up is Lindsay @ Every Day Life
Hey guys I'm Lindsay from Every Day Life! I'm a college student studying Mass Communications with a heart for the Lord. I'm into everything I can possibly be in and I stay active and busy all the time. I had a beautiful family and fabulous friends. God has placed so many blessings in my life and I thank Him daily for all this He is doing for me and will continue to do. I love life and remember that each day that I have I can never get back so I better take all the chances and opportunities that I have.

Every Day Life is a place for me to share my thoughts, ideas, and sometimes craziness! I post about DIY craft projects, makeup, fashion, clothes, hair, and everything that could possibly be in between. I like to keep it fresh and new and down to earth. I love sharing my ideas with others and hearing about theirs as well. Every Day Life would love to have you come over and take a peek, even become a follower if you're up to it :) I promise you won't be disapointed!

Next up is Elizabeth @ Fearless & Frugal

{About Me} Hey everyone! My name is Elizabeth and I’m a 20-somethingsenior college student. I’m new to blogging, so I’m still getting the hang ofthis…but I love writing, trying new things and saving money (who doesn’t,right?) I’m obsessed with organizing, drinking coffee and listening to countrymusic. I have a newfound love for the outdoors, old movies, crafting andcooking. I’m a yoga enthusiast and have just recently started Pilates (which Ilove!).

{About My Blog} After the summer of 2011 I found myself with anoverwhelming number of credits to take my final year of college so I had toquit my job of 2+ years. Although I had spent my entire summer working and takingclasses, I still found time to shop, vacation and spend way too much money. Atthe end of the summer I was hit with a wake up call -- despite all the hours Ihad put in at work, my bank account was devastatingly low. I realized Icouldn't spend like I had been any longer.

Now I’m finding it moreimportant than ever to save money. I thought that by starting my blog, I couldshare my tips and tricks I've developed and learned along the way to helpothers who were living on a budget, or just trying to save a buck or two hereand there! I am by no means an expert (I'm studying history and then going onto grad school to be a teacher), but I have developed and adapted a lot oftricks that work for me. I also want to offer a few health, beauty, fitness andother tips as well! Come visit me at Fearless & Frugal and bear with mewhile I get started! :)


Saturday, February 18, 2012

35 Weeks Baby Bump

Oh, look what has popped out!

Ben now weighs 4lbs 8ozs and it shows!!

Only 32 more days to wait to meet our little boy. So excited!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday! Friday! Friday!

I know I say it every Friday, but I love Fridays!

Let's get this Friday started!

1. I hit 50 followers on Monday, which was also my 1 month anniversary of blogging. It was on my 52 in 2012 also and now it is marked off. Should I replace it with another goal since I hit this one so soon? I think it might only be fair. Stay tuned for that. Well, to celebrate I'm having a giving away of all the things I love. Well, not ALL the things I love. Hubby, furbabies, and Ben not included. You get the picture. If not see below... You get this whole stash of my favorite items. Click HERE to enter.

2. We had dinner with our pastors last night. What a joy they are! Greg and I are so blessed to have them in our lives. I can't tell you enough what a great relationship we have with them and how AWESOME they are.

3. I started SOAPing almost a month ago. I stumbled upon THIS WEBSITE POST and was inspired to try this type of journaling. I must say that I am not big on journaling and struggle with it. Mostly because there is no structure (read the post and you will understand why I had such a calling to start SOAPing). I can't even begin to tell you how this has changed my spiritual studying. I get so much more out of my study time and I have a plan for jounaling. Please check this out, give it a month, heck give it a week and you will see how awesome it is.

4. I must mention once again how IN LOVE I am with Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint. When I found out I was pregnant I couldn't wait to have "The Glow". Well, I did get a glow for the first 5 months, but it was a tinted green. And not in jealousy of all the other pregnant ladies glowing, but as in sick as a dog, I lost 16 pounds green. Since then my skin is either dry and oily at the same time (weird I know) or broken out. So while I thought that for at least 40 weeks out of my 29.5 years I would have this awesome skin, I find myself still in search of a great foundation. Well, Thank You Birchbox!!! I have found it. My full size version will be here Wednesday and I'm thinking of telling my mom to give me the one she got in her box since she loves mineral make up. Yup! I'm so in love I'm resorting to bossing my mother around and basically stealing her stash. Click HERE for my full review of the February Birchbox.

5. Ben's bag is packed for the hospital. All of Mommy and Daddy's stuff is laid out and ready for me to put in a bag today. Ben will be here sometime in the next 32 days. I can't believe it! I'm not sure the world is ready for me to be a mom! (Stay tuned next week for a post of Ben's room and what I packed.)

6. Ok, I'm sneaking another one in today. My parents will be here tomorrow morning for the weekend. YAY! Our big goal is to get my closets organized. (another 52 in 2012) So excited to see them and get some organizing done. There will be a post (probably need to be a few posts) about the process.

Linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk and Angela @ PoodlePoodles today.

Now time for a little Book Review.
I'm starting the Hunger Games. I've resisted so far and I have this awful feeling it is going to be sad and made even worse by my hormones, but I must!

In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts. Long ago the districts waged war on the Capitol and were defeated. As part of the surrender terms, each district agreed to send one boy and one girl to appear in an annual televised event called, "The Hunger Games," a fight to the death on live TV. Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who lives alone with her mother and younger sister, regards it as a death sentence when she is forced to represent her district in the Games. The terrain, rules, and level of audience participation may change but one thing is constant: kill or be killed.

Linking up with Heather @ Blonde...Undercover Blonde today's book review.

If you are interested in Sponsor Swapping, please click the Sponsor tab above to contact me.

Have a Fabulous Friday!!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

February Birchbox

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Next up...
Linking with Tiffanie @ Pineapples & Pickles

 Got my February Birchbox in last Friday and I just can't wait to share. I was going to wait until next week, but I have fallen in love with some of the products and didn't want to wait to introduce them to you.
First, I just love getting the little box in my mailbox. The anticipation kills me and I'm normally ripping into it as I walk inside.

This month's theme is Spotlight.

Here are the products I received.

Let's start with these...
SuperSmile whitening mouthwash. I like the versatility of this product. It is powdered form in a small package you can slip in your purse. You add water to the packet, then swish swish swish. Very refreshing and nice to have out and about.
Green River Ordinance. Check them out. They are Texas band and I love Texas music!
Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos. I just want someone to tell me I look like someone who wears hot pink leapord lip tattoos! Not a fan and will probably leave them in a restroom at a restaurant next time I go.

Next up is dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. This is a powder exfoliant that you use after washing and can be used everyday. With face still wet, put a teaspoon amount in hands, rub together to make a paste and exfoliate your face for 30-60 seconds. It is very gentle and at first I wasn't sure it was working, but I have noticed my skin softer. It is a mixture of physical and chemical exfoliants. I recommend this product!

Next is G-1 Moisturizing Cream. I struggle so much with creams for my face because I'm oily in some areas and everything breaks me out. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!! It is developed for my skin type. My face is moisturized, but matte and does not get oily during the day. I'm buying this in the next week or so when I run out of my current samples I am trying.

And..............Last, but oh my favorite!!!!
Jouer Luminizing Moisturizing Tint Oil Free SPF 20
I have already ordered a full size of this. I don't like tinted moisturizer because I need much more coverage than they offer. I almost didn't even try this product. I put it on and My Oh My! My skin looked flawless and so glowing. I never got oily and it felt like I didn't have a thing on. I did swipe my powder over it after applying. My husband even noticed my skin looked amazing. He just kept telling me I was glowing and radiant. I finally broke down and told him it was the make up right before I removed it. I figured he would notice once I washed my face it went away. hehehe.
If you don't currently subscribe to Birchbox, it is worth it to find new products!
Click HERE to learn more!
Also, I have set up feedburner account. I suggest subscribing since GFC is a little up in the air.
If are interested in Sponsor Swapping for March, please click my "Sponsor" tab to contact me.

Have a Terrific Thursday!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

50 Followers Giveaway {and} Pinterest Wednesday

On Monday I hit my 1 month blogging anniversary and 50 followers! I thought this would take months to do and had decided that I would do a giveaway when this happened. Well, it came sooner than I expected and I thank each of you that has decided to stop by and share in my life.

So Let's Celebrate 50! Since we just celebrated Valentine's Day and I do love blogging and each of my followers I decided to give away some things I LOVE.
Here is a what one lucky winner will receive. (trial sizes of each unless noted)
1. Organix Moroccan Argan Oil- I use this on the ends of my hair after towel drying. I also mix it with #4 as a deep conditioning treatment.
2. Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Wipes- These babies get all your make off and smell amazing. My skin breaks out easily and these are perfect for removing make up before you wash.
3. Kenra Volume Hair Spray 25- Voted Favorite hairspray 7 times. This is the only spray I will use. Holds like you can't imagine, but not stiff or cakey looking.
4.Joico K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor- This is a life saver for my hair. I use this once a week while I am doing things around the house. I put it on with #1 and leave it on my hair for a few hours then wash and style. Does amazing things for damaged hair. See my complete review HERE.
5. Ms. Manicure File When Ready Mini Salon Boards- I never break a nail at home, always on the go. I keep these in my purse at all times.
6. Sephora Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner- I deep clean my brushes once a week with Dawn, but use this spray daily to keep them sanitized and from getting too dirty. Nothing makes your makeup look worse than to be put on with dirty brushes.
7. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion- If you don't use eyeshadow primer, start now. Your eye makeup will always look amazing, never crease, never fade, or smudge. It is a must have!
8. Revelon Colorburst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait- Love this new product! Like a chapstick, but with great color. (full size)
9. Ulta Orange Straw Pencil Case- Who doesn't love a new makeup bag to throw in their purse. And what a great color for Spring!

Here is how to enter...
1. Follow my blog using Google Friend Connect and leave a comment on this post.
2. Already a follower?? Well you are the reason I'm having a giveaway. Just leave a comment about which item you can't wait to try.
Additional Entries
1. Followe me on Twitter and leave a comment saying you did so.
2. Like the Living at 123 Facebook page and leave a comment saying you did so.
3. Follow me on Instagram and leave a comment saying you did so.
4. Blog about this giveaway and leave a comment with the link.
5. Retweet this post and mention me @livingat123.
6. Suscribe to my RSS feed and leave a comment saying you did so. (Espcially since we aren't sure how long GFC will be around!)

Giveaway entries will end on Thursday, February 23, 2012 at midnight. Winner will be chosen by random draw and announced on Friday, February 24, 2012.

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday! {One of my favorite days!}
Linking up with The Vintage Apple
1. Ben will be here before I know it and I am already planning and designing his birth announcements.
Pinned HERE

2. I want a unique announcement. Love this one!
Pinned HERE

3. Eeryone has thought this!
Pinned HERE

4. Love this idea!

Pinned HERE
5. I'm about to get a sewing machine and I do believe this will be my first project. Kitchen towels.
Pinned HERE

6. I do plan on attempting this DIY make up bag shortly after #5.
Pinned HERE

7. Ben will be here right before Easter and I can't wait to make his first Easter basket. It obviously won't be filled with candy, but I like how simple this looks.
Pinned HERE

8. Great green bean recipe! You must try it!!
Pinned HERE

9. I plan on teaching Ben sign language. This is a great website to start.
Pinned HERE
10. Love the simplicity of this outfit!!!
Pinned HERE
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!
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