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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Product of the Week

As you know by now I love coffee. It is my drink of choice in the morning and the worst part of making coffee in the morning is that I haven't had a cup yet to help me.

I'm usually a grind my beans and brew kind of girl. Fresh ground coffee is like no other. I won't use one of the single cup brewers because WHO JUST HAS A SINGLE CUP IN THE MORNING????

When I work I greatly enjoy an afternoon cup around 3:00. Not for the pick me up, but 1. I love coffee and there is nothing better than a fresh cup! 2. Meeting up with all of my wonderful co-workers and chatting while it brews.

I usually enjoy my up of Joe with a little half and half and sugar, but thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law I have found this amazing creamer!!!!

This has the perfect creaminess and sweetness without being too much. I don't even need sugar!

I have been pairing it with Starbucks' new Blonde roast.

They have two different blends, Willow and Veranda. Both are amazing! I prefer the beans that I can grind, but it comes already ground. Target usually has it at a great price ($7.99 a bag).

This has become my go to cup of coffee in the mornings. I'm sure when I head back to work in a week I'll miss it in my afternoon cup I am sure to have.

Grab a bag and a bottle and enjoy every last drop!

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Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Coldstone Creamer!!! OMG - I have to try that! Love your sweet blog, I'm a new follower! :)

Kait and Michele said...

I must try that Blonde Roast! What's a morning without coffee? Just a cranky mama! :)

Nominated you for the Liebster Award -- hope to send ya some new followers!

Kait and Michele

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