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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Coffee Is Always a Good Idea!

That pretty much sums it up for me! I am a HUGE coffee lover. I started drinking coffee when I was in high school to help with my asthma. I was actually surprised when I came to love the sweet nectar. Every morning of my life is started with a cup. Some mornings it is from the local gas station (I'm sure you can guess how those mornings were going), others it is from Starbucks, and most mornings my cup of joe comes from my very own coffee shop here at 123. I love everything coffee: grinders, coffee pots, creamers, flavorings, cups, mug warmers, you get the idea.

Since becoming pregnant with our little bean I have had to switch to decaf coffee. Not to fear...I still enjoy the unleaded fuel in the mornings. Only now the hubby and I drink two different pots of coffee. It makes for a little traffic jam in the mornings, but we found a way for it to work. (He suggested having 2 coffee pots and I quickly squashed that idea! Do you know how cluttered the counter would be?) So after making his pot and filling his travel mug to the brim (Greg leaves for work fairly early, while I stay at home or leave later than he does), I finally make my cup of joe.
Here is my arsenal to create the perfect cup. First my Cuisenart coffee maker with hot water dispenser (because I love tea and hot cocoa too). This is a fairly new purchase to replace my old friend, but we are beginning to bond and form a life long relationship. Then we have my favorite coffee mugs. Greg and I received these mugs as a wedding gift and we use them EVERY time we have coffee at home. They are from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Finally, I drink my coffee with cream and sugar. Love this cream and sugar set from Target. Basic white and oh so simple. I keep regular white granulated sugar in the bowl and fat free half & half in the creamer. My favorites! I do occasionally like the flavored creamer and we always have it here at the house, but only on occasion.

So after I make my sweet concoction, here is what I sit down with each morning...
Yes, notice the straw. I have sensitive teeth and I hate whitening so I do everything I can to keep them white.

What do you drink in the mornings? How do you take your coffee?


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