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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Introducing Baxter & Jack

I thought I would introduce you to my two furry babies, Baxter & Jack.

Meet Baxter!

 He is a miniture Schnauzer and I refuse to keep the traditional schnauzer cut so many people think he is a Westie. Nope! Schnauzer through and through. I have had Baxter for 5 1/2 years and he is very set in his ways. An only child for a year and half, he became spoiled and is very intellegent.
He knows when we are getting close to home or my parents house and will excitedly let you know in case you were unaware of where you were driving.
He is a fan of hiding under the bed. He isn't a big snuggler, but will lay with you until you turn the lights out and then he will opt to go sleep in his bed.

Meet Peanut! (Yes I said his name was Jack and it is, but I don't call him that.)
Peanut is half Pug and half Chihuahua. I rescued Peanut from being put down as a puppy. He has a severe frontal limb deformity and was unable to walk. Since then he has had a surgery to correct it and learned to walk. Look at that face... TROUBLE!
He isn't a fan of car and gets frustrated when Baxter begins to tell us how close we are to home.
While he can walk, jumping on or off furniture isn't easy. So if left on the bed he hangs his head and wimpers til we come get him. Pretty Pathetic.
And then there are times like this... Baxter would never do anything this sneaky. But Peanut...
His ears are flopped back most the time, making it look like he just ran full spead ahead to get to wherever he is.

And last, but not least... Since Greg has come into our lives my babies have learned what people food is. They absolutely adore Daddy! He plays and rough houses with them and gives them lots of treat.

Like I said, SPOILED!

Have a Super Saturday!



Anonymous said...

Your fur babies are SO precious!

Jessica said...

omg so so CUTEEE!
I wanted a puppy when I moved into my apartment, but I just didn't have enough room.
SO I got a kitty instead and she has quickly become my little cuddle buddy.
Love her :)


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