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Monday, January 16, 2012

Moisturizing Damaged Hair

I have been on a journey for years to find the perfect mouturizer. I love going to the salon to have a deep conditioning treatment done. My hair always looks amazing when I step out of the salon and fixes so well for days after. However, it is fair to say my hair takes a beating since I blow dry and straighten or curl my hair almost daily. I don't highlight my hair, it is naturally dark. I always want the light blonde streaks that are so summery, but I have picture after picture of why I don't even try anymore. My cousin is in cosmotolgy school and I do think I will let her try to put some red highlights in it, which will only add to the damage my hair already gets.
So for years I have been searching for an at-home treatment that I could use each week to help my hair stay healthy, soft, and shiny. I have tried it all... mayo & avacado, leaving my regular condintioner on for an hour or so, masks, olive oil, and pretty much every brand of deep conditioning at Ulta or the salon. NONE of them gave me the results I wanted.
Then came the Dr. Oz show episode a few weeks ago on aging. One product they suggested was for dry, brittle hair and they said it recontructed the hair from the inside out. So I wrote it down and sent hubby to Ulta to find it.
I always buy the smallest available size in any product I am trying for the first time. Samples are your best friend! I paid $4.95 for the 1.7 oz K-PAK Reconstructing Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor.
Here is how I use it...
On a morning you are going to wash and style your hair apply the conditioner to dry hair. Focus on ends, as this is where the most damage is. (Weekends & nights work great also because we have more time to let it set on the hair) Your hair will seem very dry still, but it is working. I have shoulder length hair and use about a small palm & a half.
Pull your hair up into a bun or ponytail and cover with a shower cap. (attractive I know)
I usually clean house, pay bills, finish a project, something that will take at least an hour or more. Since bed rest I watch a movie.
Wash and style hair as usual. (I wash, condition, and style just as I would every day)
I have used this product for 3 weeks now and can tell a difference in my hair. I am about to run out of the trial size and will be buying a full size version.

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