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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I've escaped for 29 years

Before I get started, check out Lindsay @ Trail By Sapphire She has a great blog and you are missing out if you don't go see for yourself!
Hi there!  I’m Lindsay, and I’m thelady behind Trial By Sapphire.  At Trial By Sapphire, I document things that I find beautiful, fall in love with, learn about, laughat, and am infinitely thankful for.  Itsounds like a lot of everything… and it is! My sister got almost all of my mom’s domestic goddess gene, but thatdoesn’t stop me from trying new things. I just call it “experi-crafting”.  Other than readingblogs, I like yoga, Pilates, Skype, tea, singing, musical theatre, servicework, and learning about veg/veganism and green living.  I would love for you to visit sometime!

OK, now on to what I have escaped for the last 29 years. I have always felt completely lucky that one of these has never made its way to me. While I knew one day I would be called, I hoped it would be one day when I was older, retired, and honestly looked forward to doing this. But now?! No way. I neither feel honored, called, or even obligated to to adhere to what this little card is telling me I should.

What is it I'm talking about?

Well, just last Friday I was feeling on cloud 9. You see I had just realized that Spring Break was upon us and for the last 7 years I loved this time and dreaded it all at the same time. It meant a break from work for a week, but also meant upcoming high-stakes testing. So for the first time in 7 years I had no stress of work on me. No highly anticipated break with the dread of it being over in 7 days. I was on Cloud 9!

Then I walked out to the mailbox, opened it to find many goodies awaiting me, and began to go through all the junk that comes. While filing the junk to the back of the pile I came across this. I quickly started to put it in the back of the pile with the junk (I mean a bright yellow postcard had to be junk) when I saw this in bright red at the top.
That's right I've been called to Jury Duty only 3 short weeks after having my baby. Well, of course my cloud 9 I was floating on quickly became fog as I floated back down to Earth.

So what shall I do? Well I marked the box that stated I was the sole care taker of a child under 12. Ben is too young to send to daycare and my MIL will be working at the family business the day I have been summonsed. I put a stamp on it (yes I had to provide the stamp for a piece of mail I was required to to return) and mailed it right back to them.

Cloud 9 restored!

Hope you have a Terrific Tuesday!


miki said...

yey for brand new babies and NO JURY DUTY! My poor husband gets jury duty way too often. He must have done something wrong in his previous life, because I have never been called, but he has many a times. This last time he was texting me during the day and he was there from 8am - 4pm, and didn't even get chosen to serve on the case! Ridiculous!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I've been summoned three times but only had to go once, and even then, I sat in the waiting room for two hours, and then we were dismissed.

Glad you got your cloud 9 back! And thanks again for the shout-out!

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