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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

And They LIVE Happily...

Greg and I have had a whirlwind of a romance. Here is our story...

Greg and I met June 2, 2010. I was at one of my best friend's houses for Memorial Day weekend. We have been friends for years and I am very close to her and her sister. I taught her daughter and her niece was my student teacher. I spent the holidays that I didn't go home with them and pretty much every weekend. I am just one of the family. Well on that weekend B's sister suggested I meet her nephew, after seeing a few pictures I agreed. B's sister gave him my name and he first found me on facebook (scoping me out I'm sure). We decided to meet and I even agreed to let him pick me up at my apartment. From that day on we have been inseperable.

On October 2, 2010 Greg popped the question at his family's lake house. We had just woken up and loved to have our coffee on the swing outside and watch the sun come up over the lake. He was so nervous when he asked me and I cried like a baby when I said yes. The ring was perfect and exactly as I always pictured.

Forgive the picture quality, it was from my phone the day we got engaged. Oh, and look at those chubby fingers!

So we planned a small wedding, that turned big for March 12, 2012. We were married at his parent's house. It was perfect!
This is when we realized I forgot his ring.
And my mom bringing it to us.
I love that this picture was just a snap shot and wasn't even posed.
Isn't he so handsome!

For Valentine's Day we take turns planning. This year is a little tricky with me on bed rest. However, I made Greg some Love Coupons. See this post. They are all things we can do at home. Once I'm off bed rest I'm sure we do something together outside of our home.
While Greg and I have been together a short time and not even married a year, we love each deeply. We have a great relationship that is fun, passionate, real, and genuine. We studied this book before we were married and the principles are engraved on our everyday lives.
This is true love to us. We were walking out in the field on our wedding right after we took our vows and our photographer snapped this picture. We were talking about everything we promised each other and what that meant.

So our love lead to this love...


Holly said...

ahh soo soo sweet!

Jessica said...

This is perfect!
you guys look great together, and your ring is gorgeous :)

Also - I have to tell you that I love your hair!
I have short hair and am currently trying to grow it out - SO DIFFICULT!

Anyway, hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday!

Heather at 123 said...

I know growing my hair out never works. It's just my shoulders right now because of being on bed rest but just wait til I hit 37 weeks! I will get it cut off again most likely.

- Lesley said...

Aww, you guys are cute!

Leigh said...

Just stopping by from the love story link up! Loved your story :)

Holly said...

Beautiful wedding photos! I love the snapshot one as well, and too funny that his mum had to run in to bring you his wedding ring! :)

Just dropping by from #FF.

Pamela said...

Love, love, love your pictures!! You're gorgeous!

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