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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Time

February 23, 2012
That is going to be Ben's birthday.
That is right. I went in today for a check up and my cervix has thinned below 2.8 cm and I am beginning to dilate. Since we are leaving the cerclage in hopes of another pregnancy in the future, my contractions are consistent, and the meds from Monday are not helping it is time for Ben to arrive. Even removing the cerclage and allowing labor to happen naturally would only buy us until Friday, if we are lucky.

So, with all that said...
1. I may be MIA for a day or so, but not to worry I will post as soon as I can. Twitter will probably be the first place you can see pictures of Ben.
2. My 50 Followers Giveaway still ends tomorrow and I will post Friday who won. I am not sure what time I will post, but be watching.
3. I promise to get to any emails ASAP.
4. March Sponsor Spotlights will begin March 4th.

YAY! Greg and I are so excited and nervous. We never thought we would make it to 35 weeks and are so blessed to have a new addition to our family tomorrow. We greatly appreciate all prayers for Ben! We know God has big plans for this little guy!



Michelle said...

Oh my goodes...congrats!!! I'm SO excited for you!! You will be in my prayers all today tomorrow :)Can't wait to see all the baby cuteness!!!!


Meghan said...

Congrats! I am so excited for you and I cannot wait to see bay Ben! He is sure to be a cutie!

Good luck! xoxo

Lesley @ my lively mind said...

Good luck, friend!!

I'll be thinking of you.

Courtney B said...

Aaah! How EXCITING! I will definitely be praying that everything goes smoothly and you and baby will be ok :)
Can't wait to see your little guy!

Lauren said...

Congratulations!! And I don't think ANYone would mind if your blog is the very last thing on your mind in the next few days. Soak up the whole experience and focus on it - it will be the past before you know it!

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

CONGRATS!! This is so exciting! Praying for you!!

Aubrey Kinch said...

Thinking of you and the newest addition during this amazing & beautiful time!!

Can't wait to see pics.


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

WOW! Congrats to you & hubby :)
Praying for you all!

And don't worry about blogging - we'll miss you, but Baby Ben comes first!


~Brooke said...

YAY! Congrats!! :D

Emily Meyers said...

Hello! I just added myself to your followers for support, and wanted to invite you to come follow my blog and be a part of a fun giveaway I’m having!
Hope to see you there! Thanks!

Emily Meyers said...

P.S. congrats on your big day!! So happy for you!

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