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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Product of the Week

I have found the BEST website! When doing our taxes it asked if I wanted to import my deductions and investments from this site. So I visited and WOW am I impressed!

The site is called
When you set up an account (that is FREE!) you can link each bank, credit card, and investment account so EVERYTHING shows on one screen. I love logging in and each financial institution is on one page. I know exactly what all my accounts are doing, money coming and going.

It takes your last 45-60 days and helps suggest a budge. You can code each transaction so can better filter for a budget and organize your transactions.

You can set up a savings goal. Tell it how much and when you want the money and it will tell you what to save monthly or you can tell it how much you want to save monthly and it will tell you when you will reach your goal.

I know this is no new concept or hard tasks to do on your own, but I LOVE having all my accounts in one place. One log in and I see everything. I can also keep up with ALL of our spending and know exactly how close to budget we are.

I am also tackling #22 on my 52 in 2012 today since I get 2 hours off bed rest! Look for pictures to come!

Have a Thrilling Thursday!


Jessica said...

I've heard about this!
I think they have an app for iPhones?
Maybe not lol


Caroline said...

Good to know. Thanks for sharing!

Heather at 123 said...

Yes, they have an app for iPhone and Android. I'm not sure how well they work or what they are like.

Tiffanie {Pineapples and Pickles} said...

I love I'll be honest I haven't been using my app that much... not wanting to be reminded of how much money I don't have. ha! I need to get back on it especially with tax season here. Thanks for sharing.

Ginny said...

Great share!! I'll have to tell my husband about this as I know he would love this for us!! New follower to your blog!!

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