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2012 Reading Challenge
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Smell the Roses

The challenge this week was to write 5 awesome things about yourself. There is part of the population that finds this task extremely hard. I am one of them! It even came down to the weekend and I was a little stressed about finding 5 things. I really wanted to make them things that weren't superficial, but actual character traits that I possess.

So here goes...

1. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have compassion for the even the raccoon that is trying to tear into our attic. I cried like baby to see how he happy he was to be released back into the woods. I even justified the second raccoon trying to bite my husband. If I'm upset you will know, if I'm happy you can feel it, if I'm sad you will see it. There is no guessing with me and I often will have the emotion of those close to me.

2. I have a desire to learn. Which is great a thing. I know so many random facts that people often think I'm odd. I can't help it. I'll hear a question or think of one and I have to find the answer.

3. I'm totally OCD. Random? Yes! But it makes for order and a nice neat house. I'm the one who often makes the plans and arrangements.

4. I am 100% loyal. I will stick by you through it all and rarely give up on someone, espcially those I love.

5. I'm a hard worker. I will put 100% of myself into anything I committ to. Then if I fail, I can truly say I did everything I could.

Have a Marvelous Monday.
(Even if you didn't do this challenge for Smell the Roses, try it. I promise you will have a better feeling and outlook about yourself.)



Jessica said...

This is a great list - it was hard for me to come up with 5, too!
I can totally relate with #1, #3 and #5.
I laughed at your raccoon story - that's hilarious!

Thanks for linking up, girl :)
Happy Monday!


Heather at 123 said...

I know crazy how emotional I was about it. I swear the thing looked back at us as if to say thanks!

Alyssa said...

I love that I'm a hard worker too!! It's a great thing to be and to be proud of! :)

- Lesley said...

Aww, I love your raccoon story. I'm the same way and it gets me in trouble sometimes.
You seem like a really sweet girl (:

Holly said...

Aww I think I would be the same about the raccoon! You are totally not crazy, lol!

Just dropping by from #FF. :)

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